Production lines at your service



Our comprehensive contract production service (for private- or white-label goods) will meet the needs of your brand and adhere strictly to your exact specifications. We can also create exclusive original recipes, depending on your needs.



There are a number of advantages when you contract us to make your products. Here are just a few examples.

Exceptional products

We never compromise on the quality of our raw ingredients. So you know that the products you receive will be of the highest quality every time.

Naturally delicious

Our traditional range is free from preservatives, additives and other artificial flavour enhancers. We prefer to give the ingredients the time they need to develop amazing flavours. Your customers deserve the best!

Traceability and food safety

All our ingredients and products are traceable and undergo thorough checks at every stage, from production to processing and distribution.

Exclusive recipes

Our master bakers love to test and develop new recipes, exclusively for your brand. We can also adapt our classic recipes to your market.

Consumer well-being

We also offer gluten-free and organic products to meet specific consumer needs and wants.

Agile and fast

We can adapt our production line in no time at all to meet your needs, make products to your recipes and stay ahead of market trends.

Large volumes

Thanks to our modern facilities and expertise, we’re able to deliver large volumes of products while ensuring outstanding quality.

Small quantities

We’re proud to say that we also process smaller orders. Delivering the same excellent standards throughout.

Zero investment

You don’t need to invest in expensive machinery or testing kitchens. Our production line—and expertise—are at your service every time.

Commercially efficient

We also oversee the manufacturing of packaging materials and the packing process itself. As such, you can focus all your energy on developing your brand.

Work with us!

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